About Us

                          Jayme VisneskyThe story of Penn Hills Lawn & Garden begins and ends with family. In 1984, my parents Carl & Beverly Visnesky found a “home” for their tiny garden center in a community that they felt was so special. I was just seven years old. Even in 1984, Penn Hills was welcoming to new people, new ideas, and in my parent’s case, new businesses. It was a community filled with diversity; one that embraced the differences and came together with pride. From the very beginning, it was the community that gave the business wings. Somehow it felt more like growing a family rather than growing a business. The customers were not just patrons of the store, they were people that my family knew and loved. My Mom knew her customers, and even knew their children. She watched those children grow up over the years. She grieved as people passed on, and she celebrated the triumphs in their lives too. It was such a unique experience to find that coming to work felt a lot like coming home. The people that came through the doors each day were the reason for the store’s success. Without Penn Hills, there would be no garden center….heck, it’s even in our name. PENN HILLS Lawn & Garden.

In 2002 my Mother retired, and I was honored that she entrusted the garden center to me. I had been working by her side since I was a child, and with the family business now in my hands, my goal was to give back to everyone that had gotten me here. It may sound funny when I say that Penn Hills Lawn & Garden is my home, but it has always been so much more than just a business. Of course that doesn’t mean that my staff and I aren’t busy with the day-to-day routine of operating a business. Needless to say, as we have grown, so have our lists of things to do. However, what we are busy doing is creating a peaceful place; a place where everyone is welcome. We are so much more than just a garden center. Penn Hills Lawn & Garden is for the people of this community, and they deserve it to be the very best. I truly mean it when I say that I want people to walk in my store as a customer, but walk out feeling like a member of the family.

In 2014 Penn Hills Lawn & Garden celebrated 30 years in business. We want to thank each and every one of you that have supported us through the years. We look forward to another 30 years, and we promise to try to get better and better as the years go by. Please enjoy the photos below of my Penn Hills Lawn & Garden Family. I don’t mean to brag, but my staff is the best staff anyone could ask for. They are also a part of my extended Penn Hills Family, and they make me proud to introduce them to you.

IMG_0693Before we get to them though let me share a picture of my family.  The beautiful lady on the left is my mother Beverly.  She is the one that started it all and provided an exceptional example for me.  To the right is my brother Joe and his wife Jill.  My nephews Ben and Owen are in the back, and you’ll find me right there in the middle.  We are all smiles at our annual fall festival here at the garden center.  I am so blessed to be a part of this family business, and I’d like to thank my parents for all they have done for me.

Now, on to my other family- my amazing staff…

LeslieFirst meet Leslie.  She is not only my right hand, but on most days she is also my left hand. Leslie has been with Penn Hills Lawn & Garden since 2001. She is often the first smiling face you see when you come to the garden center, and she is always ready to help with any gardening challenge. With a lifetime of experience, she will diagnose plant problems from insects, to diseases, fungus and more. She will help you rid weeds from your lawn, or assist you with choosing the perfect plants for your landscape. She has a designer’s eye, and can make just about anything look amazing! Just take a walk through our gift shop to see what I mean! She has a genuine talent that makes her the true gem of Penn Hills Lawn & Garden. Many customers know that she is the one to see for just about anything they need for their lawn, landscape, or even for home décor’.

DebNext is Deb. She came aboard in 2011, and immediately fit into our Penn Hills Lawn & Garden family like a glove…a garden glove of course. We think Deb has dirt running through her veins because she has a true passion for plants. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. You will often find Deb filling pots with unique combinations of annual flowers in the Spring. She makes container gardening so much fun, and customers can expect that Deb will bring life to any planter in the Spring, Summer, or Fall. Of course in this photo she is carefully packaging a Christmas gift for a customer.  Needless to say, Deb is busy creating magic no matter what the season and always goes the extra mile for everyone she meets. We love Deb’s enthusiasm and her willingness to explore and learn new gardening trends and techniques. When customers meet her they always come back asking for her time and time again.

DarcyThis smiling face is our Marketing gal Darcy.  She handles the advertising for the store including the e-newsletter that arrives in your inbox each month.  If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to hop over to our homepage and get on the list so you don’t miss out on exclusive sales and fun events here at the store!  Darcy manages the website, social media, and all things in the advertising arena.  She is also my sounding board, my secretary, and is often the first voice you hear when calling the garden center. Although her background is in marketing, she fell in love with the garden center long before she ever worked for me. She started as part time weekend help back in 2005, but quickly grew to become part of our full time family! Darcy can often be found joking with the customers and making their experience with the garden center a lot of fun.

LindaLinda took a seasonal position in 2014 as a member of our watering crew. As the season came to a close we just couldn’t let her go! Since that time Linda has become quite valuable to our staff filling in the gaps wherever she is needed. From running the register, to pricing incoming merchandise, Linda is always willing to do what is needed. She is a true team player willing to jump in and help in any situation. In the Spring and Summer you never see Linda stop moving! From watering, to trimming to cleaning plants, she keeps our trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials looking their best.

ShawnShawn is our full time crew leader, and the “muscle” behind all of us women around here! Just as you see in the photo, Shawn is always busy unloading trucks. From plant material to fertilizers, Shawn is responsible for most of the receiving at the garden center. He is also the reason our property is always clean….well, maybe sometimes in the Spring it can get a little messy, but as soon the hustle and bustle subsides, you will find Shawn putting everything back in order! He takes pride in making the customer’s experience a pleasant one. From a parking lot clear of debris, to neatly stacked bagged goods and materials, Shawn is on top of the maintenance of Penn Hills Lawn & Garden. He is also the face you’ll see throughout the week if you have a delivery to your home.


Steve has been a part of The Penn Hills Lawn & Garden family for quite some time. He is currently our store janitor as well as a part of the crew that waters all of the plants on our property.






Joe joined our team in late May 2015.  He has been a great help to all of us gals with lifting and loading everything from plants, to bags of soil, and even to furniture in the gift shop.  He is our “go to guy” for all the heavy stuff around here at the garden center.  Since he arrived he has been sprucing up the place with fresh coats of paint on railings, doors, tables, and just about anything that doesn’t move! If you stop by the store be careful not to stand still too long because Joe just might slap a coat of paint on you!

rabbitFrazier Furr is a new addition to Penn Hills Lawn & Garden. He is a Flemish Giant Rabbit that was born in Farmington PA on April 12, 2015. As one of the largest breeds, he will grow to be between 13 and 22 pounds. At six months old Frazier is already topping the scales at 12.4 pounds! Needless to say, he is going to be a BIG boy! Come and visit Frazier in his new enclosure. Because of his size, we have built a special pen on the floor so that he has room to grow and socialize with you. Because he is shy, and adapting to his environment, we please ask that you do not bring any pets into the store.

RoseyThis is Rosey. Don’t let her cute little ears fool ya, she BITES!!! This feisty Netherland Dwarf became a new edition to our garden center family just a few short years ago, and her attitude keeps us laughing! Where Daisy is a lover, Rosey is a fighter, and if you come for a visit we suggest you look, but don’t touch!


TessaLast but not least, this is our side-kick, Tessa. She is a dedicated employee and comes to work everyday. Even though she is a big dog, we seem to think that Rosey is more vicious than she is! In fact, even Tessa tends to steer clear of that little bunny’s cage! Our girl Tessa turned 6 this year, but with all of the sleeping she does you’d think she was quite old. If you stop by don’t be surprised if you hear her snoring from her bed in the office.

DaisyIn Loving Memory of Sweet Daisy Mae