Bulk Material

Whether you need to add some topsoil to your yard, or you would like to mulch your landscape beds, Penn Hills Lawn & Garden strives to provide top quality bulk materials available for pick up or delivery.  Below is a listing of the bulk goods we carry.  Color can differ from pictures. Visit store to confirm color choice. 

Please contact us for pricing and delivery

Screened Topsoil

Screened topsoil makes for easier work when spreading the soil for seeding and planting purposes. As the soil is sifted by topsoil screeners, stones larger than 1″ are removed as well as most clumps, creating good topsoil for garden beds. This process creates the best bedding soil for top dressing on lawns and for most planting situations. Please be aware that although screened topsoil is superior to regular fill dirt, wet weather does pose problems for sifting. We invite you to visit our store to determine if the soil meets your needs. All bulk goods are non-refundable.  

Mushroom Compost
Mushroom Compost, also known as Mushroom Manure, is a very versatile product since you can incorporate it into the soil prior to planting, or you can top dress existing plants. Some of the most dramatic results are obtained in annual or perennial beds and vegetable gardens. It is a valuable amendment to be used on almost everything you want to grow. Most landscapers that have the availability of mushroom compost will use it on almost everything they plant. We not only sell mushroom compost in bulk, but also in 50 pound bags. We have it shipped directly from the mushroom mines to insure excellent quality. All bulk goods are non-refundable.
Natural Hardwood Mulch
Our natural hardwood mulch is free of dyes and chemicals. It works ideally for moisture retention and weed suppression and decomposes over time to make an excellent soil amendment. Please stop by to ensure the color and shred is what you need for your project. All bulk goods are non-refundable.
Color Enhanced Hardwood Black and Brown Mulch
For those that prefer a little more color than the natural mulch provides, choose one of our premium dyed mulches. Both are quite popular and give your landscape beds a finished look. In addition to adding aesthetic appeal, color enhanced mulch helps prevent weeds and retain moisture for ideal plant growth. Please stop by to ensure the color and the shred is what you need for your project. All bulk goods are non-refundable.
Driveway Gravel
Our gravel is a mixture of limestone and sandstone that is commonly used for driveways, backfilling retaining walls, or filling in around French drains. Please stop by to ensure that our gravel is the size and color you need for your project. All bulk goods are non-refundable.
We take pride in supplying our customers with split cherry, maple and oak hardwoods all year round. Select a variety of increments from a trunk load to a full cord. Please stop in for details on how long the wood has been seasoned, and to ensure the wood meets your needs. All bulk goods are non-refundable.

Bulk Material Calculator

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