A well-designed perennial garden can provide many years of beauty and enjoyment. Careful selection of plants and thoughtful planning can result in a full season of color.

People often choose perennials because they do not have to fuss with planting them year after year as they do with annuals.  Once established, they generally require less water than annuals and often have fewer pest problems.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in choosing the appropriate plants for your unique situation.  Below are just a few of our favorites for both sun and for shade; stop in throughout the season to see our complete selection including what’s new, fresh, and in bloom.

10 Favorite Sun Perennials

Platycodon aka Balloon Flower

Large, interesting balloon-like buds burst open into long-lasting 3 inch star-shaped flowers in summer and into autumn. The dwarf 8-12 inch tall plants are exceptionally bushy, branching and heavy blooming. They thrive in part sun and in most areas of the country are quite long-lived. Perfect for edging borders.

Gallardia aka Blanket Flower

Large fiery orange red blossoms of Arizona Sun are tipped by a ring of rich flame yellow. Thrives in full sun, and blooms from early summer to early fall.  Growing 12 to 15 inches high, these short mounded flowers are quite showy in a sunny landscape bed.

Dianthus Firewitch

Dianthus plants, also called pinks, are attractive and versatile blooming perennials. They make good choices for flowering borders, rock gardens or clumped groups in mixed beds. The variety called “Firewitch has an especially low growth habit (3 to 6 inches tall) and a clover like aroma.

Echinacea aka Cone Flower

No matter what the variety, or color, coneflowers are ALWAYS a favorite!  These bright perennials are easy to care for, relatively drought-tolerant, and are good for cut flowers. Coneflowers are daisy-like with raised centers. The seeds found in the dried flower head also attract songbirds to your garden.  They vary in size, but bloom from late Summer to late Autumn.


It’s hard to decide which variety of sedum is our favorite because they all are such wonderful performers in full sun, and all have unique qualities.  Sedum is a perennial with thick, succulent leaves, fleshy stems, and clusters of star-shaped flowers. There are many types of sedums, which all have different uses: use low–growing varieties for ground covers and rock gardens and tall varieties for back borders. Sedums are easy to care for and are good for cut flowers.

Sedum is a perennial with thick, succulent leaves, fleshy stems, and clusters of star-shaped flowers. There are many types of sedums, which all have different uses: use low–growing varieties for ground covers and rock gardens and tall varieties for back borders. Sedums are easy to care for and are good for cut flowers


Some flowering perennials seem just right in nearly any setting, making all the plants around them look better than they would by themselves. Purple Salvia is one of those plants.  We love it for its long blooming period, and bold purple color.  The foliage is about a foot tall, with flowers reaching up to 2 feet in height. Clumps can increase to a foot or more across in time – the more established the clump, generally the longer the plants keep flowering in summer.

Rudbeckia aka Black Eyed Susans

Ok, we know that Black Eyed Susans can be a bit aggressive, but given the appropriate amount of space, these tough cookies are breathtaking.  They grow quickly in just about any kind of soil. They also have a long bloom time; flowers hang on from June to October.

Delasperma aka Ice Plant

This hardy, drought-tolerant plant forms a ground-hugging carpet that faithfully blooms season after season. A mainstay of the water-saving or dry-climate garden, this hardy Ice Plant is a colorful plant that blooms with little to no care!

Delosperma  has foliage that is deep green, almost succulent looking and extremely shiny. The blooms are 1 – 2 inches across and cover the foliage, opening in the morning and closing in the evening. Ice Plants make a great under planting for roses and shrubs. It is also deer resistant.


Veronica , also called Speedwell, is a carefree and easy-to-grow perennial with long spikes of small petals in purple, blue, pink, or white. This attractive plant grows in clusters from 1 to 3 feet tall, and blooms from spring to autumn.

Campanula aka Bellflower

Bellflowers vary in size, shape, and plant form but are usually various shades of bluelavender, and white. They made our list of favorites because rarely do perennials have such a stunning blue color that lasts from Spring through early Summer.  They are low maintenance, and some varieties can be used as a nice border edge.

6 Favorite Shade-Loving Perennials


Astilbe is a perennial with beautiful, showy flowers atop glossy, fern–like foliage. Its flower clusters vary in size from 6 inches to 2 feet and its height varies from 6 inches to 5 feet, depending on the type.  Astilbe may look delicate but they are tough. They are easy to grow and will live a long time in your garden.  Astilbe is perfect for adding color to a shady garden.

Jack Frost Brunnera

Brunnera has always been a popular shade plant because it is so low maintenance and it has long lasting sprays of bright blue flowers. Although it is a slow grower, the green leaved species will eventually spread out and make a nice ground cover. The flashier variegated varieties are a bit slower to fill out, but provide interest and color all season.

Sweet Woodruff

The beautiful sweet woodruff, is a shade gardeners delight. Fast growing, quick to establish, beautiful, white spring flowers and attractive foliage through to snow, this treasure is seldom bothered by pest or disease. Its dried foliage has a sweet scent that has been described as a fresh-cut hay and vanilla fragrance, and it is used frequently in potpourri. If you want a beautiful underplanting for your shady shrubs, this is the plant for you.  It makes a wonderful ground cover in shady gardens!

Ostrich Fern

Ostrich ferns make a pleasing backdrop for other shade loving perennials.  They are easy to grow and deer tend to leave it alone.  Few plants are as delicate yet as durable as the ostrich fern.   We love them because they are so low maintenance!  Just plant them and enjoy!  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Hosta Hadspen Blue

Hosta have to be one of the easiest plants to grow!  There are several varieties, but our favorites are the ones with the stunning bluish-gray leaves.  The variety pictured above forms neat clumps of heart-shaped, leaves about 5in long, ‘Hadspen Blue’ is a smaller Hosta variety and one of our favorite edging plants for paths through shady gardens

Bleeding Heart aka Dicentra Luxuriant

By far the best Bleeding Heart we have ever seen!  Luxuriant Bleeding Heart starts blooming in last Spring and continues until Fall with intense fluorescent red heart-shaped flowers held above the blue-gray fern-leaf foliage.  Absolutely hardy, withstands dry weather, and not bothered by insects.  Tolerates sun better than most bleeding hearts, but should be planted in shade to partial shade.  It comes back year after year with more loveley blooms.  Grows 12-15” high.  The best part is, they are deer resistant!