Landscape Express

LandscapingLandscape Express is our way of giving you the help of an expert without the cost of an expert.  With Landscape Express there are NO consultation fees, and NO high priced designs.  Instead of waiting for a designer to visit your property, you will bring your property directly to the designer.  See below for details on how this program has saved people time money on their landscaping projects.

Landscape ExpressFirst you will simply snap a few photos of the area or areas you would like landscaped. It helps to have a few different angles of each area, and  a full frontal shot of all areas to be landscaped.  The more detail you can provide, the easier it is to suggest the proper plants.  Next,  fill out an easy questionnaire that will help us determine your likes and dislikes, your level of maintenance desired, and of course your budget.  You can submit everything online, or you can contact us to schedule a time to bring your completed questionnaire and pictures to the garden center. It is important that you call us for an appointment when requesting landscaping services.  During busy times we may not be able to provide this service without an appointment.  If you have pictures you would like us to review, please call 412-241-0411 to schedule a convenient time to meet with a member of our staff.  We want to give you the attention you deserve, so please call ahead.

Landscape DesignAt your in store appointment one of our designers will review your questionnaire and begin assisting you with plant selection.  This is where the fun begins!  Together we will walk through the plant yard to pick out what you would like to see in your new landscape.   It’s so much fun to begin to see just how different your landscape can look with fresh new trees, shrubs, flowers, and more!  Once the selection is complete, it will be time to schedule a delivery to your home.  If your total order is $500 or above, we will deliver the plants to your home, and arrange them for you in your yard right where they go for FREE! No trying to interpret a paper plan. No wondering if you have the placement correct. You can make changes while the designer is right there. We will also deliver all of the bagged soil amendments, mulch and fertilizer you need to complete the job.  You pay only for the materials!    Design, delivery, and arrangement is FREE with a $500 purchase.  Note: We do not schedule design appointments in May and June.

Click here to fill out the questionnaire (click on link to open form)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are we able to do this? There must be a catch. I have gotten prices of $5,000.00 or more for this same project.
Q. How much can I realistically expect to spend?
Q. I have always wanted my home landscaped, but the process seemed overwhelming. My spouse and I do not always agree on everything. If I choose this plant package will we both be happy? Are we losing the control by using Landscape Express?
Q. Is this a new idea?
Q. It all sounds so easy, but I do all the work?
Q. I will be selling my house. Realistically will this make any difference?

If you have questions that have not been addressed on our website, feel free to contact Darcy Kennedy at 412-241-0411.  We look forward to working with you on your landscaping project.