Landscape Express

Landscape Express is our way of giving you the help of an expert without the cost of an expert.  With Landscape Express there are NO consultation fees, and NO high priced designs.  Instead of waiting for a designer to visit your property, you will bring your property directly to the designer.  See below for details on how this program has saved people time money on their landscaping projects.

First you will simply snap a few photos of the area or areas you would like landscaped. It helps to have a few different angles of each area, and  a full frontal shot of all areas to be landscaped.  The more detail you can provide, the easier it is to suggest the proper plants.  Next,  fill out an easy questionnaire that will help us determine your likes and dislikes, your level of maintenance desired, and of course your budget.  You can submit everything online, or you can contact us to schedule a time to bring your completed questionnaire and pictures to the garden center. It is important that you call us for an appointment when requesting landscaping services.  During busy times we may not be able to provide this service without an appointment.  If you have pictures you would like us to review, please call 412-241-0411 to schedule a convenient time to meet with a member of our staff.  We want to give you the attention you deserve, so please call ahead.

At your in store appointment one of our designers will review your questionnaire and begin assisting you with plant selection.  This is where the fun begins!  Together we will walk through the plant yard to pick out what you would like to see in your new landscape.   It’s so much fun to begin to see just how different your landscape can look with fresh new trees, shrubs, flowers, and more!  Once the selection is complete, it will be time to schedule a delivery to your home.  If your total order is $500 or above, we will deliver the plants to your home, and arrange them for you in your yard right where they go for FREE! No trying to interpret a paper plan. No wondering if you have the placement correct. You can make changes while the designer is right there. We will also deliver all of the bagged soil amendments, mulch and fertilizer you need to complete the job.  You pay only for the materials!    Design, delivery, and arrangement is FREE with a $500 purchase.  Note: We do not schedule design appointments in May and June.

Click here to fill out the questionnaire (click on link to open form)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are we able to do this? There must be a catch. I have gotten prices of $5,000.00 or more for this same project.
A. The biggest reason is that we don’t need to take the time to draw up a plan on paper. This makes the process much quicker, and less expensive for us. You are the beneficiary of those savings. Our years of experience talking with customers makes it fairly easy for us to select a set of plants that they will like. It also removes the anxiety for you when you are faced with when trying to choose from 2 gazillion different kinds of plants.
Q. How much can I realistically expect to spend?
A. It depends on the scope of the work. On the questionnaire there is a guide that explains some of the price levels versus the expectation for the project. As an example, if you had an average sized house and you wanted to end up with the front of it landscaped, $1200 would probably be a reasonable budget. If the area was smaller, or simpler you could certainly spend much less. You could also spend less by reducing the “fanciness” of the plants. That is why we ask your expectations. We want to tailor the package to your needs. If we think your budget is unrealistically low, we will tell you. We do not want you to be disappointed.
Q. I have always wanted my home landscaped, but the process seemed overwhelming. My spouse and I do not always agree on everything. If I choose this plant package will we both be happy? Are we losing the control by using Landscape Express?
A. First, it is not a plant package. We have no cookie cutter assortments of plants that just get loaded up and delivered. We ask your likes and dislikes; colors, styles, individual plant preferences (if any). We work with this information to create something custom to your home. We have seen some chain stores put together packages “If your home looks like this, buy these plants”. This is NOT at all like that. Your individual tastes will come shining through. At the same time it takes a lot of the worry out of it.
Q. Is this a new idea?
A. Yes and no. This is an extension of what we have done for years, only streamlined. Rather than making you wait for an appointment for us to come visit your property, you are bringing your property to us via photos. It saves a lot of time, and money for you! You no longer have a consultation fee because we do not visit your home prior to delivering the plants! Also, we have always done detailed landscape design plans, but the drawings take forever to complete, and can cost hundreds of dollars! To once again save you time and money, we have simply cut out the cost of the paper drawn plan, and got to work with your photos and a quick sketch. The other great thing is that we actually lay out the plants at your home so you can see what it will be like! Rather than interpretation, you see exactly what you get!
Q. It all sounds so easy, but I do all the work?
A. Exactly! But seriously, the worrying about it is in some ways more difficult than the planting. In almost all cases, an average couple can do the entire project in a weekend. We find if the scope of the project exceeds that, enthusiasm and ambition can wane. We encourage you to limit this to a weekend sized project. What other home improvement can make such a big difference for a two day, $1200 investment?
Q. I will be selling my house. Realistically will this make any difference?
A. Absolutely. Landscaping is the one home improvement where the homeowner usually makes their money back and then some. Not so with bathroom remodels, or carpet in the bedrooms. Landscaping can increase the value of your home and get a higher return when selling your property.

Landscape Express Questionnaire

Please complete all required information in the form.  Once we recieve your information, we will email you for multiple photos of your yard.

Landscape Express


Keep in mind that these levels do NOT address the need for additional soil and amendments to be added. Our landscaping team believes that a distinct line between the lawn and the landscape is important in a “finished” look for all landscape beds. For instance; Does your yard and your landscape currently run together? Are they at the same level? Adding soil and developing a raised bed will bump up the plants and create the distinction most people like to see. If you would like to add volume to your landscaped areas, there will be a fee for topsoil and mushroom compost to be delivered and dumped. To determine the amount needed to create this look, please provide the length and width of all areas to be landscaped.

Landscape Photos

Once we receive your information, we will email you for photos of your yard. We will need several snapshots (with notes added) of your house that give us a feel for the home and lot. Please take at least one full frontal shot of your home. If it is a backyard area, please take at least one full shot of the backyard area.
If you have questions that have not been addressed on our website, feel free to contact Darcy Kennedy at 412-241-0411.  We look forward to working with you on your landscaping project