Birds Nest

Often times gardeners look for ways to find beauty and brilliant colors during the winter months when plants and flowers sleep beneath the snow. Beauty in the landscape comes from more than just plants, it comes from birds and wildlife that can make even winter a popular season for gardeners. Many gardeners know that birding and gardening go hand in hand. These two popular hobbies work harmoniously to create beauty in your yard year round.

These are the reasons the Penn Hills Lawn & Garden Bird’s Nest was introduced in 2014. An all new seed line was also introduced. Cole’s Wild Bird is a lot like us here at the garden center: They are a family run business dedicated to quality and customer service. Check out this video to learn more about this company and their superior bird seed.

You are invited to take the Cole’s seed challenge. Choose your favorite brand of seed and fill your feeder. Take a second feeder and fill it with Cole’s brand seed. Now watch to see which feeder the birds will choose. You be the judge. For more information on birding, and Cole’s seed visit their website at

The Bird’s Nest also offers a variety of feeders, bird houses, accessories, and even gifts. Be sure to ask about our CHIRP CARD that provides 15% off every day, and 25% off on the 25th of each month on all blue tagged merchandise throughout the store.

Be sure to check out the events page of this site for FREE educational seminars hosted throughout the year. Penn Hills Lawn & Garden is proud to offer the very best in birding education. Classes are for beginners and experienced birders alike. Be sure to join us and learn why birding is so much fun!

Don’t forget to visit The Cornell Lab of Orinthology online. They offer the very best information and tools to help you enjoy birding even more!

Bird Puzzle