If you’ve never grown an edible garden, we urge you to try it. Believe us – there’s nothing quite like the mouthwatering taste of fresh vegetables and fragrant herbs that were grown in your own garden.

What could be more flavorful than spaghetti sauce that you created with ripe tomatoes just plucked off the vine and seasoned with homegrown basil and oregano planted just a few feet from your kitchen?

Whether you are starting seeds, or you are growing veggies from seedlings, we would love to help! We have thrown in a few guides to get you on your way. If you are starting veggies from seed indoors be sure to check out the seed starting chart We’ve thrown in a few annual flowers for those that want to try their hand at growing lovely flowers.

You may also find the seed sowing guide helpful for direct sowing (planting the seeds directly in the garden). Learn how many plants to plant in each row, and how far apart you need to plant them etc. Check out both guides to help you along the way!

Check out the seed starting chart and the seed sowing guide

Common Problems of Vegetables